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Medicare is easy when you call and get a Guru. Call 844 MY GURUS - Get a Medicare Guru.


When someone represents you, what do you want? An impartial expert that always has your side and is incentivized to guide you to the best outcome?      That's exactly what you get when you "Get a Guru."


Our agents are experts in the field of Medicare. They have exclusive access to the best systems to find the best options for you, and they will take as long as it takes to get it right. The truth is in the experience. Call 844-my gurus right now and speak with one of our knowledgeable Gurus and see for yourself.

Take a "behind the scenes" tour and you will see what we're all about. Watch this video with our founder and lifelong Senior Advocate Brandon Todd and Top Guru Frank Bryant as they discuss the real reasons why Seniors should find someone that has access to all the main insurance companies. They also reveal the #1 reason to call Medicare Gurus for all your Medicare needs. 


Most people are cautious about who they trust these days. That's where we shine! We have been in the Medicare business  for over 30 years and have helped thousands of Seniors save millions of dollars. We have a stellar reputation backed up by third party review sites such as   


Not only do we have your best interests at heart, we want to be so good that you refer all of your friends and family to us. If you want to get started you can call us now at 844-MY GURUS or you could simply start looking at live quotes specifically for you. Start doing research and looking for your best option right over there on the right where it says Compare Rates Now. We will show you rates specifically for you by all the top Medigap insurance carriers in the nation. When you find the best one, simply call us and we'll walk you through the signup process. We look forward to helping you and becoming a friend for life. 



Medicare is Easy When you Call and Get A Guru
Call 844 MyGurus - Get a Medicare Guru

Medicare is confusing unless you get help, and good help is hard to find.
Here is what makes Medicare Gurus different and why you should call us at
844-MyGurus right now:


  1. We work for you, not Medicare or the Medicare Insurance Companies.

    We work with many Companies that offer Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D plans, but we are not tied to or partial to any Medicare Insurance Company. Rather, we have relationships and enrollment privileges with over 30 Medicare and Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies so we can find the best value for you, your friends and your family.
  2. Medicare Gurus is 100% Family Owned since 1984

    The Todd Family started helping people on Medicare in 1984 when Frank Todd began his career in insurance and chose to work with people over 65 in the daytime so he could spend his evenings with his two teenage boys. Today, the Todd family still owns 100% of their companies and those 2 teenage boys are accomplished professionals who manage the family businesses. What this means to you is that Medicare Gurus has no outside influences, investors or anyone standing in the way of their decades long focus of doing what’s best for the customer no matter what.
  3. Our Medicare Gurus are the best in the industry.

    We call them “Gurus” for fun because we truly believe our exlusively Medicare focused insurance agents are the best in the business. We challenge you to shop around. There are many “call centers” popping up in recent years that “churn and burn” through seasonal workers for Annual Enrollment Period and they are doing other jobs later. At Medicare Gurus, our average insurance agent has been working with us exclusively for over 10 years. We work in all 50 states and with over 30 Companies that offer Medicare Supplement Insurance and Medicare Plans.

Medicare Gurus goals for you

  1. Our Committment to You when you call 844-MyGurus

    1. To know all of your Medicare Insurance Options including Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D and how it differs between different insurance companies.
    2. To find what’s best for you in your particular situation by listening closely to you and using our resources, relationships, technology and, most importantly, EXPERTISE.
    3. To help you with other insurance matters where possible. Our mantra is to make sure you “have all the insurance you need, nothing you don't and you never pay too much for anything."
    4. To be a reliable source of support for you and your family for life. As we always say: “We’ll be here as long as you will.” Our clients love that as things change, our committment to being on top of those changes and forever advocating for and finding the best options for our clients remains the same. It's all we do and have done since 1984.
  2. What you can expect when you call 844-MyGurus

    1. Our 100% attention for as long as you need it. We don’t have time limits and we’re not in a hurry. We stay with you until you’re problems are solved, you understand your needs and solutions and know that you are well taken care of.
    2. A thorough teaching on how Medicare Works and how your new plans will work with them. We’ve learned over 37 years how to make this easy for you to not only be correctly covered, but to fully understand everything about Your Medicare and/or Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan.
    3. Our intention is to form a lifetime relationship with you and your family. The world changes and so do your options. Our job is to stay on top of them for you for life and always be a simple phone call away. We have many families that we serve multiple generations who are on Medicare and want you and your family to be served by us decades from now.
  3. The Final Results

    1. You will have the best possible plans available for your situation from all possible options.
    2. You will fully understand your coverage and options in a way you can use from now on.
    3. You will know that you have our entire team behind you and one number to call (844 MyGurus) for life. No matter what happens in the future, we’ll be on top of it for you.
    4. If you’re like most of our clients, you’ll refer all of your friends and family who are on Medicare to us.



Authored by: Buckley Hamman Posted at: 07 Mar 2022

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Medicare Gurus Independent Third Party Review
Medicare Gurus Independent Third Party Review

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