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Brandon Todd explains our unique approach and dedication to helping every senior that we can.


This world can be uncertain and Medicare is complicated with some big consequences if you get it wrong. This is exactly why we have worked diligently through the years to build the friendliest, most comprehensive approach to making sure we take care of our seniors. Medicare Gurus is the perfect combination of graceful selfless help and deep technical wisdom.

Our goal is that our own mother could call any of our agents and we would be certain that she would get the best help available.

With this philosophy in mind we have have made a  serious commitment to not only helping you navigate the complex world of medicare, but we also hope to become your friend.

We have been helping people with Medicare for over 30 Years. Medicare gurus started in 1984 when Traveling Salesman Frank Todd discovered that he could help seniors that were confused about their Medicare. He travelled around visiting folks in their home walking them through the process, making a multitude of friends along the way. His philosophy of neighborly kindness made him the one everyone could rely on.

Brandon Todd, his son joined the family business and brought with him his keen sense for invention and problem solving. Throughout the years he has been at the forefront of advancing the Medicare world both in technology and training. He has mentored many agents that remain the top agents in the country to this day.





Our agents are career agents dedicated to the complexities and nuances of Medicare, not seasonal workers that are trained in a day. We are also the industry leaders in technology. This means that our Agents have a much broader range of options and can find the best situation for you in mere minutes when others would take hours… or not do it at all.



When it comes to your health, whether it is a surgeon or a physical therapist, you want the best. It all starts with not compromising when you select your Medicare configuration. There are many factors that lead to that perfect option and only a seasoned dedicated Medicare Specialist is qualified to help you get there.


But remember… Medicare is easy when you call and get a Guru.. Call 844 MY GURUS right now.


Alternately, you can start the journey by doing some research on your own.. simply enter the required information on the rates form on the right and you will begin to see the options available to you.

Posted 2 years ago
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Medicare Gurus Independent Third Party Review

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