This is why people love Medicare Gurus

This is why people love Medicare Gurus

We've been excellent for decades and we can prove it.


People love us, this is true. It sounds arrogant, but it’s not boasting if it’s a fact.


We are doing a great service to the world by helping our Seniors find peace of mind in a noisy and confusing time. Bottom line, is that we are here for you, and will be here for you and your family for generations to come.

Why can we say this? Others are saying it too…

Trust Pilot Reveiw



There it is, in black and white. Over a hundred, Independently verified, glowing reviews and counting. People that were relieved and thankful enough to take the time to express their gratefulness for all to see. What’s more, is these wonderful folks tell all their friends and we get to help them too.

What’s the secret? There is no secret other than hard work. Since 1984, we have been navigating the complex waters of Medicare and finding the absolute best solutions for our clients. We have an ethical foundation to our family owned business that allows those who are honest to flourish and have been fortunate enough to have been able to touch the lives of hundreds of thousands of Medicare recipients since we began.


What’s the proof? We have had never had any complaints against us since our inception in 1984 and most of our clients come to us from the good word of a trusted friend, family member or neighbor. This faith in us is reason enough to solemnly uphold our honorable promise to “Make sure you have all the healthcare you need, none that you don’t and you’re not paying too much”

This is why we created the first ever, completely obligation free way for you to research your rates by yourself online. Simply click here and you can compare rates in your zip code for all the top rated companies.

Once you have done that., you can get the exclusive attention of one of our diligent career agents. Make an appointment and we will have the pleasure of working with you to consider your options, reveal any hidden issues, and make sure you are 100% taken care of. Click here to make an appointment

Or, alternately, you can speak to your very own guru by  calling 844-694-8787 right now.

Find out why we are the best, and then you can let your friends in on your “little secret”

To your health.

Your friends at Medicare Gurus.

Authored by: Buckley Hamman Posted at: 02 Nov 2022

Compare Medicare Supplement Rates in Your City

Compare Medicare Supplement Rates in Your City

Receive Instant Online Rate and Plan Comparisons from Multiple Top Insurance Carriers Specifically for You

How much does Medicare cost?  

Medicare Gurus online quoting system will show you Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Rates andPlans from top Companies instantly.  Know instantly how much you can save without obligation- most clients save $500- $800 per year for free. 

Enter your information on the right side of this page to get instant Multiple Company Medigap quotes specifically for you. 




Authored by: Brandon Todd Posted at: 09 Mar 2022

Medigap Plans - Commonly referred to as Medicare Supplement Plans


Medigap insurance policies are private plans, available from insurance companies or through brokers, but not directly from the government.




Medigap insurance plans are designed to cover the gaps in coverage left over by Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, which together are known as traditional Medicare. 

Commonly known as Medicare Supplement Plans, they are standardized in most states to options lettered A-N.  Click on a link below to learn more about each specific plan: 

Medigap Plan A: Covers Basic Benefits that are included in all other plans. 

Medigap Plan B:  Covers the Basic Benefits in Medicare Supplement Plan A plus S the Medicare Part A hospital deductible. 

Medigap Plan C: Covers everything in Medicare Supplement Plan B plus the annual Part B Deductible, killed Nursing Co-Insurance and Foreign Travel Emergencies.

Medigap Plan D:  Covers everything offered in Medicare Supplement Plan C without coverage for the Medicare Part B Deductible. 

Medigap Plan E:  Medicare Supplement Plan E has been discontinued.

Medigap Plan F: Covers everying in Medicare Supplement Plan C plus Part B Excess Charges.  It is often called the 100% plan and is described as paying "everything."

Medigap Plan G: Covers everything that Medicare Supplement Plan F covers but not the annual Medicare Part B deductible. 

Medigap Plan H:  Medicare Supplement Plan H has been discontinued.

Medigap Plan I:   Medicare Supplement Plan I has been discontinued.

Medigap Plan J:  Medicare Supplement Plan J has been discontinued.

Medigap Plan K: Pays 50% of gaps with a an annual maximum out of pocket limit.  Click for more details. 

Medigap Plan L: Pays 75% of gaps with a an annual maximum out of pocket limit.  Click for more details. 

Medigap Plan M: Covers most gaps but has 50% of the Medicare Part A Deductible. 

Medigap Plan N: Covers most gaps but with minor copays and no coverage for Medicare Part B Excess Charges. 

*Plans C and F are no longer available to new Medicare enrollees and offer high deductible versions in some states. 


Finding the Right Plan

To determind which Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan is best for you, and to compare rates between over 30 Medigap Insurance companies for all offered plans, you can use the tools on this site or, better yet just remember that: 

Medicare is easy when you call and get a Guru, CALL( 844) MY-GURUS, get a Medicare Guru.


Authored by: Robert Cuthbert Posted at: 09 Mar 2022

What to Do When You Are New to Medicare

What to Do When You Are New to Medicare


If you’re new to Medicare, you have a lot of learning to do and decisions to make.   We're here to help.  Call (844) My Gurus if you need assistance at any time.  

1. Do not wait and put it off or procrastinate. The Medicare experience is a big world, it is a very big subject that can get very complicated quickly. So, the sooner you can start the process the more prepared you will be and the sooner you can relax, with the peace of mind that you are well taken care of. 


2. Do not try to do it by yourself. Reach out and find someone who understands Medicare in detail and works with Seniors every day.  Medicare has many complex options that can require attentive research. You don’t have a whole lot of time so it is very beneficial to find an Advocate that is knowledgeable and has your best interests at heart. 


3. Do not go in with pre-conceived ideas.  The healthcare that you had before Medicare is very different from Medicare so it is very important that you find someone that can guide you through the complications and dispel any misinformation that could accidently put you into a difficult situation. 


The smart thing to do is to reach out to a Medicare Specialist and explain your needs to them. They can listen to your story and when they understand your specific situation they can help guide you to your best outcome. A good advocate can save you months of confusing worry and make the process smooth and efficient. More importantly, they can advise you on your options and help you find the best coverage at the best value.  You can choose what you want and get what you need and understand exactly what you are getting and how it works.  




Medicare is easy when you call and get a Guru,

CALL 844 MY GURUS and get a Medicare Guru. 

Authored by: Robert Cuthbert Posted at: 09 Mar 2022

About Medicare Gurus

Helping Families on Medicare for Multiple Generations


Medicare Gurus is your Peace of Mind

Brandon Todd explains our unique approach and dedication to helping every senior that we can.


This world can be uncertain and Medicare is complicated with some big consequences if you get it wrong. This is exactly why we have worked diligently through the years to build the friendliest, most comprehensive approach to making sure we take care of our seniors. Medicare Gurus is the perfect combination of graceful selfless help and deep technical wisdom.

Our goal is that our own mother could call any of our agents and we would be certain that she would get the best help available.

With this philosophy in mind we have have made a  serious commitment to not only helping you navigate the complex world of medicare, but we also hope to become your friend.

We have been helping people with Medicare for over 30 Years. Medicare gurus started in 1984 when Traveling Salesman Frank Todd discovered that he could help seniors that were confused about their Medicare. He travelled around visiting folks in their home walking them through the process, making a multitude of friends along the way. His philosophy of neighborly kindness made him the one everyone could rely on.

Brandon Todd, his son joined the family business and brought with him his keen sense for invention and problem solving. Throughout the years he has been at the forefront of advancing the Medicare world both in technology and training. He has mentored many agents that remain the top agents in the country to this day.





Our agents are career agents dedicated to the complexities and nuances of Medicare, not seasonal workers that are trained in a day. We are also the industry leaders in technology. This means that our Agents have a much broader range of options and can find the best situation for you in mere minutes when others would take hours… or not do it at all.



When it comes to your health, whether it is a surgeon or a physical therapist, you want the best. It all starts with not compromising when you select your Medicare configuration. There are many factors that lead to that perfect option and only a seasoned dedicated Medicare Specialist is qualified to help you get there.


But remember… Medicare is easy when you call and get a Guru.. Call 844 MY GURUS right now.


Alternately, you can start the journey by doing some research on your own.. simply enter the required information on the rates form on the right and you will begin to see the options available to you.

Authored by: Buckley Hamman Posted at: 09 Mar 2022

Understanding Medicare

Learn about Medicare Parts A, B, C and D, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement and Medigap Insurance. Understand the Costs, Coverages and Premiums from Medicare Providers and Companies

Medicare is easy.  You've heard us say it over and over.    When you call and Get a Guru at 844 My Gurus they will walk you through and make sure you understand your coverage, but here are the basics for those who like to read a bit first.   The 4 Parts of Medicare:

Medicare Part A: Covers Hospitilization

Medicare Part B: Covers Outpatient Expenses 

Part A and B together make up Traditional Medicare.   You can choose between having them and Part C, which will be discussed next.  If you choose traditional Medicare (Parts A and B) you are eligible to purchase Medicare Supplement Insurance, which is officially called "Medigap" Insurance to cover gaps that Medicare doesn't pay.   You can also get a Stand Alone Part D Plan to cover prescription medications.  

Medicare Part C: Medicare Part C is commonly referred to as Medicare Advantage.  This can be chosen instead of traditional Medicare (Parts A and B) and it will be administered by a private insurance company.     Basically Medicare pays these private insurance companies to create plans that are the "actuarial equivalent" of one another.   This basically means they have the same overall value even if deductibles, copays, networks and other things are changed up a bit between Medicare Insurance Companies.   

If you choose Medicare Part C, you can get a plan that includes prescription drug coverage, known as a Medicare Advantage with Part D (MAPD) plan or you can get Medicare Advantage only (MA) which would mean you are eligible to buy a separate Part D Plan.  

Medicare Part D: Prescription Drug Coverage
These stand alone part D plans are available to anyone who has traditional Medicare Parts A and B and anyone with a a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C) that does not include prescription coverage. 

How to Choose the Right Plans for You
Follow this process below for finding the right Medicare coverage and plans for your specific situation. 

Your First Choice:   Choose between traditional Medicare (Parts A and B) or Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C.)   You have to get one or the other. 

Second Steps

If Traditional Medicare is Chosen: You will need to find good Medicare Supplement Insurance and a good stand alone Part D Prescription Drug Plan. 

If Medicare Advantage is chosen:   Pick your plan that includes prescription coverage or with a combination of a stand alone Part D plan with a Part C plan that doesn't cover prescription medication.  

How to Get Help

The above is a guideline that your Medicare Guru will walk you through to make sure you have the right coverage.   Remember, we work for you, not the Insurance Companies.   We'll stay with you as long as you need ust to to make sure you understand your coverage, have the exact right coverage for you from all possible options and we promise to stand by you for life.  

Call (844) My-Gurus to get the VIP experience Now




Authored by: Robert Cuthbert Posted at: 09 Mar 2022

Become a Guru

Help people, become an expert and build a career that can be the start of generational wealth.

You have discovered a unique opportunity for a lifelong vocation where you can be proud of your work.

There is a desperate nationwide need for Ethical Medicare Specialists. Helping a Senior and making a friend along the way is the basis of the Medicare Gurus philosophy. We strive with every conversation to reach out and dissolve the worry about medicare. Why don't you join us? 


CALL 844-MY GURUS today and ask to speak to Recruiting or send us your resumé and a cover letter to


Watch our founder Brandon Todd share with you this wonderful opportunity. 



Every senior deserves to have the best guidance available when it comes to their Medicare and retirement health insurance.


We have built the most comprehensive combination of philosophy and technology to support our mission to assist seniors. Through our wisdom, expertise and wide array of options we can narrow down the absolute best opportunities for Seniors to find the best. For select candidates, this means access to time tested approaches and systems that far surpass any others available.



We are now open to introducing new agents to our family.

If you’re a seasoned agent, or simply curious, we are a company that was built intentionally by Agents for Agents. Our #1 focus is that our Agents have all the resources they need, not only to succeed but to thrive. We want to have a long term relationship with you. This is a career not a job. And nothing makes us happier than supporting those with the drive and entrepreneurial spirit to go out into the world and build something bigger than themselves.



If this sounds like a challenge that would bring you joy ( …and wealth ) Don’t hesitate. Call us right now…


CALL our Recruiters at 844-MY GURUS or send us a cover letter and your resumé


If you want to know more about how Medicare Gurus is revolutionizing the Medicare industry and some inside insight on how you can participate... watch the following conversation between Brandon Todd and Frank Bryant. 




If you have the passion and drive it takes to succeed, Click the link below to fill out a simple form, hear more about this opportunity and find out if you qualify. 



Call 844 MY GURUS and tell us about your aspirations, and convictions. 

Call now, we’re ready.


Or fill out this form and tell us why you want to be a Guru.... 




Authored by: Buckley Hamman Posted at: 08 Mar 2022

Get a Guru

Get a Guru

Medicare is easy when you call and get a Guru. Call 844 MY GURUS - Get a Medicare Guru.


When someone represents you, what do you want? An impartial expert that always has your side and is incentivized to guide you to the best outcome?      That's exactly what you get when you "Get a Guru."


Our agents are experts in the field of Medicare. They have exclusive access to the best systems to find the best options for you, and they will take as long as it takes to get it right. The truth is in the experience. Call 844-my gurus right now and speak with one of our knowledgeable Gurus and see for yourself.

Take a "behind the scenes" tour and you will see what we're all about. Watch this video with our founder and lifelong Senior Advocate Brandon Todd and Top Guru Frank Bryant as they discuss the real reasons why Seniors should find someone that has access to all the main insurance companies. They also reveal the #1 reason to call Medicare Gurus for all your Medicare needs. 


Most people are cautious about who they trust these days. That's where we shine! We have been in the Medicare business  for over 30 years and have helped thousands of Seniors save millions of dollars. We have a stellar reputation backed up by third party review sites such as   


Not only do we have your best interests at heart, we want to be so good that you refer all of your friends and family to us. If you want to get started you can call us now at 844-MY GURUS or you could simply start looking at live quotes specifically for you. Start doing research and looking for your best option right over there on the right where it says Compare Rates Now. We will show you rates specifically for you by all the top Medigap insurance carriers in the nation. When you find the best one, simply call us and we'll walk you through the signup process. We look forward to helping you and becoming a friend for life. 



Medicare is Easy When you Call and Get A Guru
Call 844 MyGurus - Get a Medicare Guru

Medicare is confusing unless you get help, and good help is hard to find.
Here is what makes Medicare Gurus different and why you should call us at
844-MyGurus right now:


  1. We work for you, not Medicare or the Medicare Insurance Companies.

    We work with many Companies that offer Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D plans, but we are not tied to or partial to any Medicare Insurance Company. Rather, we have relationships and enrollment privileges with over 30 Medicare and Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies so we can find the best value for you, your friends and your family.
  2. Medicare Gurus is 100% Family Owned since 1984

    The Todd Family started helping people on Medicare in 1984 when Frank Todd began his career in insurance and chose to work with people over 65 in the daytime so he could spend his evenings with his two teenage boys. Today, the Todd family still owns 100% of their companies and those 2 teenage boys are accomplished professionals who manage the family businesses. What this means to you is that Medicare Gurus has no outside influences, investors or anyone standing in the way of their decades long focus of doing what’s best for the customer no matter what.
  3. Our Medicare Gurus are the best in the industry.

    We call them “Gurus” for fun because we truly believe our exlusively Medicare focused insurance agents are the best in the business. We challenge you to shop around. There are many “call centers” popping up in recent years that “churn and burn” through seasonal workers for Annual Enrollment Period and they are doing other jobs later. At Medicare Gurus, our average insurance agent has been working with us exclusively for over 10 years. We work in all 50 states and with over 30 Companies that offer Medicare Supplement Insurance and Medicare Plans.

Medicare Gurus goals for you

  1. Our Committment to You when you call 844-MyGurus

    1. To know all of your Medicare Insurance Options including Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D and how it differs between different insurance companies.
    2. To find what’s best for you in your particular situation by listening closely to you and using our resources, relationships, technology and, most importantly, EXPERTISE.
    3. To help you with other insurance matters where possible. Our mantra is to make sure you “have all the insurance you need, nothing you don't and you never pay too much for anything."
    4. To be a reliable source of support for you and your family for life. As we always say: “We’ll be here as long as you will.” Our clients love that as things change, our committment to being on top of those changes and forever advocating for and finding the best options for our clients remains the same. It's all we do and have done since 1984.
  2. What you can expect when you call 844-MyGurus

    1. Our 100% attention for as long as you need it. We don’t have time limits and we’re not in a hurry. We stay with you until you’re problems are solved, you understand your needs and solutions and know that you are well taken care of.
    2. A thorough teaching on how Medicare Works and how your new plans will work with them. We’ve learned over 37 years how to make this easy for you to not only be correctly covered, but to fully understand everything about Your Medicare and/or Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan.
    3. Our intention is to form a lifetime relationship with you and your family. The world changes and so do your options. Our job is to stay on top of them for you for life and always be a simple phone call away. We have many families that we serve multiple generations who are on Medicare and want you and your family to be served by us decades from now.
  3. The Final Results

    1. You will have the best possible plans available for your situation from all possible options.
    2. You will fully understand your coverage and options in a way you can use from now on.
    3. You will know that you have our entire team behind you and one number to call (844 MyGurus) for life. No matter what happens in the future, we’ll be on top of it for you.
    4. If you’re like most of our clients, you’ll refer all of your friends and family who are on Medicare to us.



Authored by: Buckley Hamman Posted at: 07 Mar 2022

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage



Medicare advantage plans can be far more complicated than original Medicare and here’s the straight story.



A Medicare advantage plan is when you allow a private company to contract out and administer all of your Medicare benefits. Some of these plans can have bells and whistles such as Dental included. Many of them include a part D drug program inside of them, and the premiums can be very low.


There are many more factors that vary by plan such as,  the benefit levels, what you will pay for your doctor, whether or not you can see the doctors you want,  or if you are forced to stay within a specific healthcare network. 


As you can see, it is very important that when you are thinking about a Medicare Advantage plan that you get in touch with a Medicare Specialist so they can look carefully at the details and consider the possiblities.  You need to make sure that you are clear about the limitations of your plan and potential consequences. When considering  Medicare Advantage it is very crucial that you understand everything so there are no unwelcome surprises. 


and remember.. 


Medicare is easy when you call and get a Guru. Call 844 MY GURUS, Get a medicare guru.  



Authored by: Buckley Hamman Posted at: 17 Feb 2022

Your State

Your State

Check the rates in your State

Medigap rates can vary significantly by whichever state you are in. 

They are usually calculated by zip code. This way you can enter your specific zip code and get an accurate comparison of the Medigap insurance premiums from each carrier for each plan type.


Once you have your results you can sort and filter to find the best rate for your location age and smoking history. Now that you have completed the first step, you can click on the carrier's rate that you like and begin the application process.

You will be walked through the application process page by page. Simply fill out the secure forms and press next to continue.  If at any time you get stuck or are confused, don't hesitate to call one of our Gurus as they can untangle any questions you might have.


It's that easy. We promise never to share your information and will always find the best opportunities for you and your loved ones. 



Medicare is easy, when you call and get a Guru. CALL 844 MY GURUS and get a Medicare Guru. 

Authored by: Buckley Hamman Posted at: 17 Feb 2022

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Medicare Gurus Independent Third Party Review
Medicare Gurus Independent Third Party Review
Medicare Gurus Independent Third Party Review
Medicare Gurus Independent Third Party Review

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